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ERB cross flow heat exchanger core 
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ERB cross flow heat exchanger corePlate heat exchangerGas heat exchanger

Heat exchange plate material: pure aluminum foil, hydrophilic coating of aluminum foil, epoxy resin coated aluminum foil, and so on the application of different environmental requirements

Heat exchange plate thickness: 0.1mm~0.2mm

Frame material: galvanized plate, aluminum zinc coated plate, aluminum, stainless steel, paint and so on for disposal of different preservative begged

Applicable places: suitable for energy recovery industry, paint room, drying cabinet, base station, printing and other energy-saving system of industrial ventilation system

Detailed description

Product introduction:

ERB series heat exchange core body as core, countercurrent heat exchange(热交换芯体)two shares a reverse air into the channel, the heat transfer area increases, can complete the high heat transfer efficiency, air flow direction (L-L, L-U, U-U, I-U) a variety of optional, for supporting various models according to user needs; and the different material heat environment begged the heat exchanger, the surface of the spiral corrugated heat transfer stamping forming disposal, greatly increase the heat transfer area, promote heat transfer heat exchange core;

Air flow form

According to the user's different air volume requirements, conditions are provided to regulate the size and spacing of the size, so as to maximize the efficiency and pressure drop of the heat exchange core and so on;

The air passage by stamping convex circular support, ensure high strength and tightness of the channel, under the new exhaust ability before the lead heat transfer plate and permanent deformation, the maximum pressure heat exchange core for 500Pa;

Entrance and exit edge edge edge and adopts five layers of corrugated bite edge technology, high strength, reliable sealing, all joints are used sealant, undercut the flow of plastic disposal, ensure the tightness of heat exchange core body, in the pressure less than 500Pa, the maximum leakage rate of 5 per thousand.

Specification size:

Product selection as far as possible in the economic operation of wind speed range (1m/s~2.5m/s), can obtain good effect of economic operation; the heat exchange core section size, height, spacing can be superimposed according to the needs of any size to suspend consumption, please contact customer service.

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